If You Would Feel Foolish Talking About it With God..


“If it would feel foolish talking about it with GOD, maybe you shouldn’t be talking about it at all….”

Several months ago this hit my spirit hard. I really started to think about what was I focusing on the most and what I was speaking over my life.

The answer was I was focused on lack and petty things, including offenses and I was giving those things power by continually talking about them with others. I thought I was looking for advice and reassurance but if I really dug deep – I was looking for sympathy from man instead of trusting God for answers.

But why?

Often, we look for people to validate our concerns, our bitterness, our hurt. We want someone to tell us that it’s ok we feel the way we do, that our actions are warranted. We avoid taking things to God because we know He will ask us to forgive, to love and often change. And change can be hard. Really hard. And uncomfortable. But sometimes, it’s necessary. And we know it.

That day I decided to start lifting my concerns to Him FIRST. If I was mad or hurt about something instead of texting or calling someone or venting to a group, I talked to Him. And you know what? 9 times out of 10 I felt foolish after spilling my guts and realized just how petty it was to begin with. He used this time to teach me, to whisper to my spirit why these things had offended me so much and let me I know what I needed to work on. ME. Not them.

Friends, don’t let yourself take offense to things so easily. Don’t let them take root in your heart and water them with your words. Take it to God, let it go and ask Him to help you to grow instead ❤️